This video is for people who are already familiar with basic rabbit care and want to expand their family of animals.
Introducing Rabbits on DVD demonstrates bonding techniques in live action, while the summary booklet encapsulates the material covered. All kinds of introductions are shown, along with props and tools that work with each. Contents include:

Cats with rabbits
Co-existing relationships; playful relationships; intimate relationships.
Guinea pigs with rabbits Setups; playtime.
Dogs with rabbits
Basic indoor technique; more challenging situations; Basic outdoor technique.
Rabbits with Rabbits
Bonding healthy rabbits.
Bonding Rabbits of Differing Needs
Bonding groups of disabled rabbits; bonding small groups of healthy rabbits; bonding large groups of healthy rabbits.

Introducing Rabbits
Bonding Techniques for Matchmakers
Revised and updated by Marinell Harriman
SD DVD and summary booklet.
Runtime, 45 min. $24.95 plus shipping.
Playable on most set-top DVD players

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